Do you get more than just a Tax Return with the money you spend on Accounting?

I am so glad to know you are happy with your accountant.

Let’s see if I can guess why you are so content with the service.

  • (1) Is it that he/she visits your office once per month to discuss new ideas with you.
  • (2) Is it that he/she helps you solve non-accounting problems using your financial data?
  • (3) Is it that he/she offer more than internal controls like bookkeeping and bank reconciliations?

If you said “no” to any of these things, then you are missing out on details needed to grow your business.

This is why you want a highly qualified account who will make onsite visits to learn your business — first.

Then, secondly organization your “receipt spaghetti”, set-up internal controls, and monitor the progress.

See, not all accounting firms offer the same services. And, fees widely vary.

Wouldn’t you like to know that your’e getting the best combination of price, service, and expertise.

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David Crowell, CPA
Co-Founder, Vectar Onsite CPA Solutions and Consultants

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