3 things you might be missing when doing your accounting.

I am so glad to know you smart enough that manage your own accounting.

Let’s see if I can guess why you doing the books yourself.

  • (1) Is it that you have a CPA license both decided to pursue a different path in business?
  • (2) Is it that you have had a bad experience with an accountant is the past?
  • (3) Is it that you don’t think the time it take to manage your books is that consuming?

If you said “no” to any of these things, then you should consider speaking with an expert.

I realize that there is a big temptation to do it yourself, because you feel you save money.

However, many business people have found by freeing up time to run their business — outsourcing the work was better.

See [Contact First Name], when the pressure of IRS paperwork, payroll, and bookeeping off your “To Do List” you’ll find way to make more money.

In addition, there are things like the new tax laws, audits, loans, and most importantly tax planning that you may not be prepared to handle alone.

We would like to meet with you, and discuss how we might help.

Call me today!                     Quickbook does a great job.                   Not interested.

Have in seen what some clients have said about working with Vectar Onsite CPA’s: http://VectarOnsite.com/Testimonials

Thanks. We’ll talk soon!

David Crowell, CPA
Co-Founder, Vectar Onsite CPA Solutions and Consultants

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